Welcome to www.jamesjpoker.com

There is a message area with 101 pages available to type onto.
Click here to go to the message area.
Click the title where it says Page 0 to skip to the bottom of the page.
At the bottom of the page you'll find a clear button to clear the page, a window to type text into to add your message,
and a scroll bar where you can select which page you want to go to. Just choose from 0-100 and click send message to go there.
The table at the bottom of the page shows how much text is on each page, and the date of most recent activity.

There is also a numbermaze game which is under construction.
To see its progress, click here.

To play heads up vs a CPU in no limit hold em, to shuffle a deck into combinations of hands ranked best to worst,
to calculate a prize pool based on number of entrants and buy in, or to see factors of any number less than 1 million,
click here.

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